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Could you be a councillor?

There are two vacancies for parish councillors could you be one?  Why did residents become councillors?

Marian: I am the “rookie councillor”. I applied to join Ash PC for a number of reasons: curiosity, wanting to contribute to village affairs and to feel reassured that things are done fairly, especially when it comes to planning.

Leanne: I got involved with the council because I value our village and our village way of life. Our village and parish need a broad range of councillors from different backgrounds and opinions.

Jacqueline: I joined the Council as I wanted to give back to my village. I enjoy being part of the bigger picture and hopefully making a difference within the community. If you are thinking of being a councillor do not be afraid, we are all ordinary people just trying to make a difference within our community.

Why not find out more? You can ring the Clerk on 01304 832 909 to have a chat or emailing at

The closing date for this voluntary post is Friday 4th March 2022.