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New Support Fund for Households

Help for vulnerable households across the country from a new government support fund for essentials over the winter.

This is for people who would otherwise struggle to buy food or pay essential utility bills or meet other essential living costs of housing costs this winter.

Eligible support could include:

  • Food
  • Energy and water (including sewerage)
  • Essentials linked to energy and water
  • Wider essentials subject to discussion
  • Housing costs in exceptional cases of genuine emergency

If you feel you are eligible to access this fund (this includes pensioners, people with health conditions, low income, in receipt of benefits) please contact Sandwich Age Concern on 01304 614 237 and they will be able to explain if they can help you.

Even if you are unsure, please do ring them if you are having problems or are worried about meeting living costs this winter. You may also know someone who could need help but does not have access to the internet. Have a chat – there could be help for them.