Contacting Kent Police – crime & non-emergency incidents

Contacting Kent Police – go to the Kent Police web-site for details of the best way to contact Kent Police.  There is also information on locally reported incidents and other information about different types if services.

CLICK HERE to go to the Kent Police Web-site

Non-emergency / general enquiries including contacting your PCSO, can be done on-line.  The local police team for Ash will receive the information.  This can be used for anti-social behaviour, suspicious activity, Neighbourhood Watch, local policing in the parish of Ash and other similar types of activity.  You can also find out how to do this and the police information about Ash, in the Little Stour and Ashstone area on the Kent Police Web-site.

CLICK HERE to go to the local area information for Ash

Reporting a crime that has taken place can be done by ringing 101.  The busiest times are between 4pm and 8pm.

General emergency incidents – criminal conduct – road traffic accidents  DIAL 999.