Preparations to start the Ash Neighbourhood Development Plan 2016


30th April: Open day event to re-launch the consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for Ash

5th March:  a workshop held at the Ash Village Hall commencing at 2pm. This  was the first working group meeting to learn about producing a neighbourhood plan  and starting the process to see how residents wanted Ash to develop for the future.

24 February: the NDP Committee meeting met and it was reported that the majority of village organisation, clubs, schools,
school parents and many individuals had been contacted with information about the set-up of the NP, the need for volunteers and the workshop on March 5th.

Map of the parish of Ash which is the designated area for the Neighbourhood Plan.


Public notice explaining about the consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan

The formal request from Ash Parish Council requesting that the Parish of Ash be designated a Neighbourhood Area was sent to Dover District Council.